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Wake Up, Beautiful Bride!

"What's wrong with my bride?" I heard the Lord say. "Is she tired of waiting for me?" "Does she not love me anymore?" In the night time, I would wait and listen to her in the silence.

I would see her in the morning, as she would stop by her window and tell me "when are you coming, my dear Lord?" Now, she is different. Other things have her mind preoccupied. Her desires have changed and I am no longer her top priority

She finds herself busy, and everything else no longer carries the same importance. While my heart cries and wonders, why is my beloved bride like this? Doesn't she know that I'm coming back soon. She thinks I'm far away and her love has cooled. She is distant. While I look at her with love and sweetness, waiting for her to change.

My bride, be alert, do not fall asleep! Do not sleep! I am returning soon, so wake up, wake up my church!

Love you!

Pastor Ingrid Diaz

#love #wakeupchurch #Godslove #Jesus

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