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How Long, Lord?

Many times in this long walk of the christian life you see and experience many things at times they are painful but they help you depend on God. The Lord gives you the strength to continue in your walk with Him. He'll continue to mold you until you reach the stature in Christ; to reach that spiritual level where he wants to take you. Sometimes there will be rejection and you will walk alone. Many time you don't know why things are happening, but remember our Creator knows. 

Christ was rejected, humiliated and betrayed and no matter what he died for us. When you go through the valley of the shadow of death remember that He knows what it feels like because he knows how it feels. He went through more than we can ever imagine. Give thanks to the Lord even threw the difficult moments because all things work together for our good. He is transforming us for what he has planned for you so His name can be glorified!

Love you!

Pastor Ingrid Diaz

#struggle #pain #suffering #rejection #lonely #alone #helpless #betrayal

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